Pool Villas

For an epic holiday, a pool is a staple. After all, where would you hang out between massages, walks on the beach and flavourful meals? Our selection of pool villas will have you swooning. It’s the place to host a party, play with your kids or relax in the easy ambience of a luxury villa in Bali. Some of our villas feature infinity pools. Not only does it look great, it is a fantastic experience being in an infinity pool looking out at the vast sea in front of you. If you’re lucky, you might catch a ship making its way around the Balinese ports. Make sure you catch sunrises and sunsets from your villa because the sky lights up and it truly is a magical experience.

Some of our villas feature multiple pools. This is fantastic if multiple families or groups are sharing one villa. This ensures privacy within the villa especially when you’re looking for some alone time during your holiday. You can check the listings for the amenities that interest you.

Pool Accessories

What is pool time without some fantastic pool accessories? Make the pool more exciting with floaties, pool toys, inflatable armbands and more. We can help you get hold of most of these items depending on the facilities provided by the villa. Some products can be provided in kid sizes too.

Pool Villas with Kids

If it’s a pool villa you’re after and you’re travelling with kids, safety might be a concern for you. But you needn’t worry, we can arrange for pool fences in most of our villas. Just check with us before booking and we’d be happy to make the arrangements for you. We have many families with kids renting villas and the pool is the kids’ favourite feature in private villas. We regularly provide other equipment needed for kids like high chairs, strollers, cots and more. We can even provide nanny services at most of our villas, so parents can enjoy some time alone.

Enjoy your private pool in your private villa. You don’t have to wait in line to jump into the pool or worry about it being overcrowded. You can swim laps or have a fun time with friends without having to worry about bumping elbows with other guests. Having a pool all to yourself throughout your vacation is one thing you will sorely miss once you leave your villa.


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