Villas in Canggu

Sun, sand, palm trees – there’s not much else you desire from a holiday. There’s this and a lot more in Canggu. The vibrant and relaxed vibe of this picturesque village is one the main reasons for its unending popularity. Hop on a bike and explore its palm tree-lined roads. For a laid-back Bali holiday, Canggu is the place to be. There are lots of amazing restaurants including vegan and organic options.

What to Do in Canggu

Surfing is the number one activity to do in Canggu. The beach calls to you and surfers are attracted to its breaks. For the non-surfers, there’s snorkelling, scuba diving, riding motorboats and of course, sunbathing on the beach. Surfboards can easily be rented here. Adults and children can also opt for surfing lessons here. A visit to the rice paddies of Canggu is a must. The green rice paddies stretching as far as the eye can see make this place serene in a way only nature can. The beach clubs are popular spots to catch sunsets and for late night parties. Grab a day bed and spend a day (quite literally) at one of the beach clubs. Swim in the pool, lay down, snack on some good food and have an epic time – the day will go by and you will come back for more! You will also find several trendy boutiques selling everything from clothes and jewellery to shoes and bags. Street shopping is a good option if you’re looking for discounts and deals.

Canggu Accommodation

Absolute luxury in all Canggu villas in ensured when you book with us. We provide a wide variety of villas in Bali that suit all group sizes. Are you unsure of renting a villa? Compared to hotels, staying in a villa is all about personalised service. We put you first and this is not in addition to hundreds of other guests. Since we cater to just one group in each villa, we are able to offer a level of customisation in our offerings that most hotels can’t compete with. The wealth of private space in each villa is amazing. You can lounge by the pool without fighting for a spot, eat wholesome freshly cooked meals morning, noon and night, and opt for nanny services to help you out with the children when planning date night.


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