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About Us

5 Bedroom Villas Bali is a comprehensive service for travellers looking for an ideal holiday villa in Bali. The 5 Bedroom Villas in partnership with leading villa specialists from Ministry of Villas will help you find, choose and book an ideal holiday home tailor-made for your family or entourage.

Handpicked and carefully selected, all properties on our site are personally inspected and actually appear the same as you see them on the images online. Designed for large groups, the service showcases only 5-bedroom options allowing travellers to focus on mansions’ features, characteristics and inclusions, rather than the number of bedrooms.

We have found that a five-bedroom villa is an excellent option for families and friends – a golden mean between an idyllic one-bedroom getaway and a massive eight-bedroom estate excellent for extended groups.

We have also created several collections, so whether you are travelling with children or looking for a beachfront villa for friends and yourself, there are myriads of options designed just for you. In addition, we offer an ample selection of estates for special events, weddings and parties with a spectacular backdrop for the celebrations.

For those, who love nothing more than epic views, we offer exquisite retreats with breathtaking vistas and, private pool villas as a base point for travellers, who want to experience Bali in style.

5 Bedroom Villas Bali delivers high-end service, offering only the best accommodations for the ultimate holiday. Change your vantage point – stay in the villa.