Beachfront Villas

Living just footsteps from a beach is every Bali holidaygoers dream – a fabulous beach holiday incoming! Bali is all about beaches, and not just any beach but the beaches of Bali that have gained popularity for their laid-back vibe. What could make your holiday more exciting than having one of these fabulous things located a hop, skip and jump away? A beachfront villa is a home away from home. You can choose to rent a private villa, so you have complete privacy at all times.

Private Beachfront Villas

So, what exactly is a beachfront villa? Most beachfront villas have private access to a beach, where you can relax and spend the day. This could be a private or public beach depending on the villa. Beaches in Bali can get crowded with people, local eateries and people selling their wares. Most beaches attached to villas are tucked away from the crowd. This means you don’t really have to share the beach with a lot of people. The easy access means you don’t have to plan beforehand and pack to the brim for a day at the beach. You can just waltz there, beer in hand ready to take in the sandy goodness.

Living in a Beachfront Villa

One of the best things about staying in a beachfront villa (and you’ve got to believe us when we say very few things compare to it) is going to sleep, listening to the waves crash. It is one of the most soothing sounds even for people who are habitual to the noises of a concrete jungle. Make sure you wake up early the next morning to witness the dewy start of a beachfront day. The beach is a great place for morning runs, building sand castles and lounging with your favourite book. The sound of such a sun-soaked adventure will have your family scrambling for their credit cards.

Kids will definitely love a beachfront villa. Building sand castles has never been easier. A day on a warm sunny beach is a great way to spend a holiday. Villas are also equipped with brilliant amenities that can keep you and the little ones entertained all day. Most villas are designed with little nooks and crannies for you to enjoy some privacy and have some alone time. Find a spot facing the sea and you’ll be relaxed for a long time. After all, the water is as good to look at as it is to swim in.

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    Arnalaya Beach House Indoor Living Area, Canggu | 5 Bedroom Villas BaliArnalaya Beach House Outdoor Area, Canggu | 5 Bedroom Villas Bali


    Canggu, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Arnalaya Beach House is a beautiful villa located in Canggu, which is absolutely wonderful for weddings and events. It boasts a 20m pool, private spa, tennis court and expansive lawns.

    From $1,970 /night
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    Gianyar, Bali – 4,5,6,7,8 Bedrooms

    Jeeva Saba Estate is a grand seafront mansion offering decadent interiors, elegant bedrooms and luscious natural setting in a peaceful village of Gianyar.

    From $1,206 /night
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    Seseh, Bali – 5,6 Bedrooms

    Shalimar Kalima is a sophisticated oceanfront retreat located mere steps from the beach and surrounded by magnificent rice fields and majestic coconut palms.

    From $1,403 /night
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    Seseh, Bali – 2,3,4,5,6,12 Bedrooms

    Shalimar Villas encompasses three exquisite villas with the lush tropical appeal, ubiquitous Balinese charm, open-plan layout and excellent location, steps away from Seseh Beach.

    From $429 /night
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    Soori Bali Pool Side Lounge, Tabanan | 5 Bedroom Villas BaliSoori Bali Pool Side, Tabanan | 5 Bedroom Villas Bali


    Tabanan, Bali – 1,3,5,10 Bedrooms

    Soori Bali is a Balinese dream vacation come true. Located in Seseh-Tanah Lot, this uber-cool beachfront villa serves relaxation on a platter. Enjoy sweeping views of the sea.

    From $653 /night
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    Taman Ahimsa Bird's Eye View, Seseh | 5 Bedroom Villas BaliTaman Ahimsa Gardens, Seseh | 5 Bedroom Villas Bali


    Seseh, Bali – 7 Bedrooms

    Beachfront estate, Taman Ahimsa is a tropical paradise with manicured gardens for long walks. The living spaces are airy and uplifting. The bedroom design revolves around the 7 chakras.

    From $825 /night

    Seseh, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    The Beach Villa Cemagi strikes the cutting edge architecture with sleek lines, modern furnishing and two swimming pools in blissful Seseh village on the southwest of Bali.

    From $1,655 /night
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    Villa Atas Ombak Pool with Sea View, Batubelig | 5 Bedroom Villas BaliVilla Atas Ombak Pool Side, Batubelig | 5 Bedroom Villas Bali


    Batubelig, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Villa Atas Ombak is an exclusive beachfront villa that offers breathtaking sunset views. Enjoy sweeping views of the icean throughout the day. The living spaces are thoughtfully designed.

    From $1,620 /night
  • Villa Blanca Sun Loungers, Candidasa | 5 Bedroom Villas BaliVilla Blanca Swimming Pool, Candidasa | 5 Bedroom Villas Bali


    Candidasa, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Villa Blanca is located in the peaceful town of Candidasa. The glittering ocean views from this white-theme villa are sensational. Enjoy the privacy and calm this villa has to offer.

    From $410 /night
  • Villa Cemara Sanur Swimming Pool with Sea View, Sanur | 5 Bedroom Villas BaliVilla Cemara Sanur Gardens and Pool, Sanur | 5 Bedroom Villas Bali


    Sanur, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Villa Cemara Sanur’s beachfront address is the desire of every Bali-goer. This luxurious villa offers brilliant service and amenities. Enjoy private access to Sanur Beach from your villa.

    From $1,617 /night

    Seseh, Bali – 5,6 Bedrooms

    Sitting pretty amidst luscious Balinese gardens, Villa Jagaditha is a palatial retreat with picturesque views of the Indian Ocean and endless tropical appeal all around.

    From $2,659 /night
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    Candidasa, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Villa Manis Beachfront is a spectacular designer gem, with generous inclusions and luxurious amenities offering the private beach access in the laid-back Candidasa village.

    From $950 /night
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    Villa Maridadi Reclining Sun Loungers, Seseh | 5 Bedroom Villas BaliVilla Maridadi Tropical Garden, Seseh | 5 Bedroom Villas Bali


    Seseh, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Villa Maridadi’s inviting pool surrounded by tropical greenery is a hit with guests. The thatched roofs add a traditional Balinese touch making you feel right at home.

    From $863 /night
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    Nusa Lembongan, Bali – 4,5 Bedrooms

    The exclusive Villa Seascape is a fabulous artful estate designed by a renowned architect and offering the beachfront bliss on a paradise-like Nusa Lembongan island.

    From $925 /night
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    Villa Semarapura Indoor Living Area, Seseh | 5 Bedroom Villas BaliVilla Semarapura Gardens, Seseh | 5 Bedroom Villas Bali


    Seseh, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Villa Semarapura is a magnificent oceanfront property located in Seseh, Bali. The 20-metre pool is surrounded by manicured gardens. Beautiful palm trees surround the villa.

    From $1,208 /night
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    Nusa Lembongan, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Villa Voyage is a rare gem with the right-on-the-beach setting, generous inclusions and glamorous “barefoot-themed” decors in the sought-after islet of Nusa Lembongan.

    From $723 /night