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Villas with Breathtaking Views

Imagine lounging in your private villa, cocktail in hand and watching the sky light up in spectacular colours as the sun sets. We recommend taking a dip in the infinity pool to take in the brilliant views of the ocean that most of our villas offer. Our five bedroom villas in Bali are fantastic if nature takes you to a place of serenity. Our cliff-top villas offer spectacular views of the ocean from atop giving you a bird’s eye view. On the other hand, our villas located in and around forests and rice paddies offer refreshing views of the greenery. Villas with access to the beach are simply tantalising. The beach beckons you throughout your stay.

Bali Villas with Cliff-top Ocean Views

Some of our most coveted villas are perched on a cliff with sweeping views of the horizon. The villas are designed to offer mind-blowing views. Take in the view, get refreshed and repeat – this is all you’ll want to do once you enter these villas. The vantage point of cliff-top villas is incredible day and night.

Bali Villas with Sandy Beach Views

Beachfront villas are fantastic for people who love long walks on the beach. It’s an extraordinary experience watching the waves dancing through the day. The view is very different from that seen from cliff-top villas and is mesmerising. With the sea stretching out in front of you with a background score of the rhythmic crashing of waves, there’s very little else you’ll want during your holiday.

Bali Villas with Emerald Green Forest Views

Staying in a villa with views of a forest is something out of a fairytale. It’s a spectacular experience, one you won’t forget in a hurry! Bali villas located near forests offer a sense of calm and solitude that is difficult to come by in party-packed regions of this beautiful island. Reconnect with nature and yourself in a beautiful villa looking out to tall trees abundant with greenery.

Bali Villas with Refreshing Rice Field Views

Bali boasts beautiful rice paddies that are mostly located away from the hustle and bustle of the main areas. A villa around these rice paddies is an ideal holiday venue for people who like the calm and want a retreat that offers solitude. You can even rent bikes and ride around the villages taking a look at the daily rituals and culture of Balinese people.

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    Gianyar, Bali – 4,5,6,7,8 Bedrooms

    Jeeva Saba Estate is a grand seafront mansion offering decadent interiors, elegant bedrooms and luscious natural setting in a peaceful village of Gianyar.

    From Original price was: $1,609.Current price is: $1,206. /night

    Ungasan, Bali – 3,4,5,6 Bedrooms

    Karang Saujana Estate is a sprawling clifftop complex of six villas, ideal for epic family getaways, holidays with friends and dreamy weddings with a fabulous backdrop.

    From $660 /night
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    Selong Belanak, Lombok – 1,2,3,4,5,7 Bedrooms

    Selong Selo is a sumptuous estate of custom designed villas boasting awe-inspiring views of the Indian Ocean and ultimate privacy in Southern Lombok.

    From Original price was: $350.Current price is: $245. /night
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    Soori Bali Pool Side Lounge, Tabanan | 5 Bedroom Villas BaliSoori Bali Pool Side, Tabanan | 5 Bedroom Villas Bali


    Tabanan, Bali – 1,3,5,10 Bedrooms

    Soori Bali is a Balinese dream vacation come true. Located in Seseh-Tanah Lot, this uber-cool beachfront villa serves relaxation on a platter. Enjoy sweeping views of the sea.

    From Original price was: $726.Current price is: $653. /night

    Pemuteran, Bali – 1,2,3,5 Bedrooms

    Sumberkima Hill Villas is a secluded villa paradise, built on the hilltops in North Bali, and offering spectacular views of lush tropics out to the blue ocean.

    From $217 /night
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    Sinaran Surga Beach View from Pool, Uluwatu | 5 Bedroom Villas BaliSinaran Surga Gardens, Uluwatu | 5 Bedroom Villas Bali


    Uluwatu, Bali – 4,5,9 Bedrooms

    Surga Villa Estate perched on a cliff presents sweeping views of the ocean. This picture-perfect property is designed with comfortable living spaces for the entire family.

    From Original price was: $1,121.Current price is: $1,064. /night

    Tanjung, Lombok – 1,2,3,4,5 Bedrooms

    The Jiwa is a fabulous hilltop Lombok villa set amidst lush tropical gardens and boasting two swimming pools, one of which is a kid’s pool and a private spa for in-villa pampering.

    From $362 /night
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    Canggu, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    The Palm House is a cool designer villa with a huge pool surrounded by palm majestic trees and emerald green rice fields located in sought-after Canggu neighbourhood.

    From Original price was: $1,655.Current price is: $1,406. /night
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    The Ungasan Clifftop Resort Villa Nora Swimming Pool, Uluwatu | 5 Bedroom Villas BaliThe Ungasan Clifftop Resort Villa Ambar Swimming Pool, Uluwatu | 5 Bedroom Villas Bali


    Uluwatu, Bali – 1,3,4,5 Bedrooms

    The Ungasan Clifftop Resort situated on the edge of a cliff in tranquil Uluwatu offers sweeping views of the ocean. The property comprises private villas that offer a relaxing escape.

    From Original price was: $666.Current price is: $466. /night

    Ungasan, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Villa Ambar is a contemporary Balinese palace perched on majestic Uluwatu cliffs and featuring interconnecting bedrooms ideal for an epic family holiday.

    From $3,006 /night
  • Villa Breeze Bird's Eye View, Canggu | 5 Bedroom Villas BaliVilla Breeze Sun Loungers, Canggu | 5 Bedroom Villas Bali


    Canggu, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Villa Breeze is a cosy villa tucked among rice fields in Canggu. Relax in the curved swimming pool whilst enjoying the beauty of Bali. Surrounded by lush tropics, you will forget the world.

    From $695 /night

    Uluwatu, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Villa Chintamani resembles the private resort with its five bedrooms divided into five stand-alone pavilions complete with private plunge pools and ample living rooms.

    From $3,006 /night

    Seseh, Bali – 5,6 Bedrooms

    Sitting pretty amidst luscious Balinese gardens, Villa Jagaditha is a palatial retreat with picturesque views of the Indian Ocean and endless tropical appeal all around.

    From $2,659 /night

    Uluwatu, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Villa Jamadara is a modern tropical oasis commanding sweeping views of the Indian Ocean from a bespoke triangle pool set on the stretch or manicured lawns.

    From $3,006 /night
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    Ungasan, Bali – 5,6 Bedrooms

    Villa Latitude Bali stands out with breath-taking ocean views, picturesque setting, massive swimming pool, and the state-of-the-art media room, in peaceful Ungasan village.

    From Original price was: $4,337.Current price is: $3,903. /night
  • Bali Villamayacanggu 29Bali Villamayacanggu 30


    Canggu, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Villa Maya Canggu is a stylish Balinese villa with bright splashes of azure colour and splendid natural setting offering sweeping vistas of rice paddies in trendy Canggu village.

    From $534 /night

    Ubud, Bali – 5,6,7,8 Bedrooms

    Villa Nag Shampa exudes elegance and sophistication standing out with five private swimming pools, spa and floating yoga sala in soul-soothing Ubud village.

    From $2,324 /night

    Uluwatu, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Villa Nora boasts elegance and sophistication, offering spectacular setting on Uluwatu cliffs boasting breath-taking ocean views and luxurious resort amenities.

    From $3,006 /night
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    Villa Omah Padi Bird's Eye View | 5 Bedroom Villas BaliVilla Omah Padi Pool | 5 Bedroom Villas Bali


    Ubud, Bali – 2,3,4,5 Bedrooms

    Villa Omah Padi is a romantic villa featuring thatched roofs and bamboo structures in true Balinese style. Located in quaint Ubud, it is set among rice fields.

    From Original price was: $325.Current price is: $276. /night
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    Tabanan, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Villa Palem is a stunning destination villa, tucked away in the luscious tropical surroundings, offering a private tennis court and a high-end service in verdant green Tabanan village.

    From Original price was: $2,027.Current price is: $1,216. /night

    Uluwatu, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Villa Pawana towers over the turquoise ocean, boasting spectacular views opening from the infinity pool and exclusive access to Ungasan Clifftop Resort’s luxurious facilities.

    From $3,006 /night

    Uluwatu, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Villa Santai Sorga is an epic tropical villa perched on Uluwatu cliffs, overlooking the roaring ocean and offering all the lavish perks of the upscale resort for unforgettable holiday.

    From $3,006 /night

    Gili Gede, Lombok – 4,5 Bedrooms

    Tucked away in the undiscovered island of Gili Gede, the fabulous Villa Selalu offers an elegant getaway with private beach access and secluded ambience.

    From $675 /night

    Uluwatu, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Villa Tamarama is an exclusive white-themed haven with two swimming pools, endless ocean vistas and romantic freestanding bathtubs in palatial rooms, located within prestigious Ungasan Clifftop Resort.

    From $3,006 /night