Villas in Batubelig

Batubelig is a fantastic place to stay with pristine, uncrowded beaches and scenic views. This place is a mix of tranquillity and excitement. Some excellent restaurants, shops and clubs have opened up in Batubelig. At the same time, the beach and villas offer a peaceful environment. Villas in Batubelig are fabulous, located in peaceful surroundings. Most villas offer superb amenities that allow you to enjoy Bali in luxury.

What to Do in Batubelig

In Batubelig, visit the beautiful temples that have awed many visitors who stopped here. The temples are significant in the culture of Bali and give a glimpse into the rich tradition of this land. Batu Belig beach is a popular haunt for tourists looking to spend a day on a quiet beach without the chaos. It’s also a great place for a morning run or to enjoy a day in the sun. A surfer’s delight, the waves here are great for beginners and professionals. The spas and massage parlours offer incredible treatments and services. Pamper yourself with a manicure or full body massage.

The dining options in Batubelig are immense. Choose from local beachfront restaurants that are light on the pocket or the fancy gourmet stops that are famous for the food and ambience. If it’s the nightlife you’re after, chill out at one of the beach clubs for a laidback and groovy night. For a more sophisticated experience, visit the nightclubs and bars in Seminyak. Some great haunts of Seminyak are located close to Batubelig making it easy for you to up the level of excitement of your holiday. Spoil yourself with a shopping spree at the local shops selling amazing handmade products perfect for friends and family back home.

Batubelig Accommodation

Living in a villa is one of the few luxuries of life you can enjoy without having to own the villa. Hence, your investment in your holiday is limited to the few days and weeks that you choose to live here. Most resorts cannot match the amenities and privacy offered in these villas. Choose the villa based on what you’re looking for during your holiday, whether it is a beach at your villa doorstep, nanny for your kids or a swimming pool. We offer villas that are located close to beaches while some are located in the vicinity of restaurants and beach clubs. If you’re travelling with kids, we can help you look for a villa with the kid-friendly amenities.

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